March 14, 2016

The Ultimate Major & Peg System Trainer


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Why This Major System App?

I’ve been searching for the perfect Major System app for a long time, something that was engaging, made me want to learn, and something that actually worked. So, after wasting time and money on other apps I decided to make my own, built with everything I wanted that the other apps simply did not provide.

Fun and Addicting

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The Ultimate Major System Trainer is not actually a “trainer”… it is a game. I realized I liked playing games like Candy Crush and Dots, and if I could make learning my pegs as addicting as these games I would be more likely to stick with it.

You start out on Level 1 which presents you with a picure, 4 possible answers as to what the associated number is, 3 lives, and 30 seconds. Each time you match the image with the correct number you get a point.

10 Points to move to the next level and you get 1 star

13 Points is 2 stars

16 Points is 3 stars


Fully Customizable



The game comes pre-loaded with images and words from 00-99 but… in order to make learning and recall as easy as possible you have the ability to input your own pegs and images. This is highly encouraged as having pegs that are meaningful to you will help you remember much faster. For example if your peg for 33 is “Mom”, you could put a picture of your own mother there.

Learning in Chunks

The game is broken up into 18 stages with 8 levels each. The stages are broken up into 10 pegs at a time and then a recap stage of the past 30 pegs, then a recap of all the pegs you have learned so far. The game continues like this for pegs 00 – 99.

This is because breaking up your Major System pegs into bite sized chunks, will maximize your ability to learn it quickly and retain the knowledge.

For example:

Stage 1 cover pegs 00-09

Stage 2 covers pegs 0-9

Stage 3 covers pegs 10-19

Stage 4 covers pegs 00 -19

Level 9 covers 00 – 49


Mix Up Learning Methods

Each stage has 8 levels, each with a different way to learn your pegs. When you mix up the way your mind takes in information it accomplishes three things:

  1. It keeps you interested
  2. It makes the information stick in your mind
  3. It prepares you for real world situations


Levels 1, 2, and 3: The Basics

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These are the basic “what peg is what number” and “what number is what peg” multiple choice questions. You can switch up game modes if you want to concentrate on words or images. If you get an answer wrong it will show you what the right answer is. Using this method, even if you have never looked at the peg list before, you will be able to memorize each set in about 5-10 minutes.  These levels are perfect for learning the basics.

Levels 4, 5, and 6: What Comes Before and What Comes After

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Other trainers give you the option to choose what number is what peg and what peg is what number… In order to really implant your peg list into your mind you must start to think of your pegs as numbers. These stages do just that. They take your pegs and ask you what comes before and what comes after. These levels are perfect for cementing the basics, improving recollection speed, and they will make you so fluent in reciting your pegs that you will be able to count using your words just as fast as if they were numbers.

Level 7: No More Multiple Choice

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At this point our minds start to get used to multiple choice. In the real world there we do not get 4 options to choose from, we have to KNOW what each peg is without choices laid in front of us. On this level you there is no multiple choice, you type in the number the peg shown is.

Level 8: Putting it all together

Level 8 mixes all of the techniques together to test your mastery of the stage.

Master The Major and Peg Systems

If you get 3 stars on every level, I guarantee that you will have mastered Major System to the point where you don’t even have to think “what was my peg for number 13?”, when you are utilizing this system in the real world. You will just know…

I hope you enjoy the app, and please contact us with any feedback!


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